About Us

SIA Klippan - Saule is a subsidiary of the Swedish textile group Klippan Textil AB. Our Swedish and Latvian offices work closely together on all aspects of design, sales, and marketing to ensure stellar craftsmanship of our products, all of which are produced in our facilities in Riga and Bauska in Latvia. The group offers two design collections, one Latvian and one Swedish. The company has always focused on total customer satisfaction, and even offers custom-design services upon request.

Collaboration between Klippan Textil Group and SIA Klippan Saule began in 1992, just after Latvia gained its independence. In fact, Klippan Saule was one of the first Latvian companies to partner with a western firm. Klippan Saule successfully started exporting throws and blankets to Sweden in 1994. In 1997, SIA Klippan Saule became a subsidiary of Klippan Textil Group. Today the group sells its products throughout the Baltics, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Iceland, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, etc. And the company is continuing to grow. If you are interested in the Swedish collection, please view our website at www.klippanyllefabrik.se.

Our products are throws, blankets, yarn carded wool, which are made of 100% New Zealand wool. The drawings are created by highly qualified designers with extensive experience and creative approach.